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Triton Submarines LLC
Triton Submarines LLC filmed a giant squid for the first time in History.

"Triton Submarines is now the proud owner of a 'Legend' table by Kirk McGuire Bronze Sculpture. This magnificent sculpture really captures the beauty of one of nature's most elusive creatures."

Triton Submarines LLC

Sculpture Reviews - Kirk McGuire Bronze Sculpture

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Scott Cassell
Known explorer, underwater film maker.

Scott Cassell
Known explorer, underwater film maker. Pictured with a Humboldt Squid.  Appearing on the Discovery Channel, and various other networks.

"You are a gifted artist with an eye for reality and proper morphology."

Disney Channel, BBC, History Channel, Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, Space Channel, Spike TV, MTV (Wildboyz). World record for longest distance traveled by a diver. 
Undersea Voyager Project
  Kirk McGuire Bronze Sculpture
Dr. Steve O'Shea
Known giant squid scientist.

Dr. Steve O'Shea
Known for his research on the giant squid. Appearing on the Discovery Channel, and various other networks.

"You take bronze to a new dimension; your work is truly sensational!"

Discovery Channel, BBC, SF/4, National Geographic, Japan Broadcasting Corp. 
Dr. Steve O'Shea
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Kirk McGuire Bronze Sculpture - Tiburon, CA 94920
Jim Harris
Piloted Triton 3300/3 sub that filmed worlds first giant squid.

"I love your sculptures! Especially the Giant Squid! I am the pilot who drove the Triton submersible for Dr. Kubodera and Magic Man Sugita on our dive where we filmed the Giant Squid off Chi Chi Jima, Japan. I also had the pleasure to pilot dives on that trip for Dr. Steve O'Shea and Dr. Edie Widder.  It was a good trip. When I saw your sculpture of the Giant Squid I said "that guy has got it!" Now.... how am I gonna add one to my G-Squid collection? Keep up the good work."

Discovery Channel show 'Curiosity'.

Known for piloting a Triton Submarine to 3000 feet to find a giant squid! Shown on the Discovery Channel show Curiosity, the world got its first look at one of the most elusive and mysterious creatures on the planet the giant squid. Jim shown here with scale model of the triton sub, and  Kirk McGuire's 'Legend' table.

Jim Harris
Pilot Triton Submarines LLC

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Tom Jackson
Marine Biologist

"I have seen live leafy sea dragons. Anyone that can make ... something so lithe, and feathery made out of metal is the work of a magician - not an artist. The balance (standing) is also stable despite such a high center of gravity.... There is great perception and science behind Kirk's art - truly amazing."

Tom is a 30 year career marine biologist, research diver and has been lucky enough to have his hands on a number of rare marine species including a giant squid (Architeuthis sp) in 1994, and a translucent blanket octopus (Tremoctopus gelatus) in 2008.

Tom Jackson
Marine Biologist

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Houzz recommends Kirk McGuire Bronze Sculpture.
"Hi Kirk,
We received the certificate yesterday.
Here she is in a beautiful spot by our pool in Australia... not her permanent home but definitely one that does her beauty justice!
We actually keep her on a beautiful glass topped, New Guinea rosewood coffee table where we admire her every night.
Thank-you for being an artist of meticulous standards.
We hope to engage your talents in the future!"

Kindest regards
Gem & Rob Schreiber
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Dr. Rob Schreiber & his wife Gem
Dr. Schreiber is a Surgeon in Queensland, Australia. He and his wife Gem purchased a 'Leafy' while vacationing in San Francisco.
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Triton Submarines Monaco

'Legend' with Triton Luxury Submarines LLC at the 2016 Monaco Yacht Show.

"During this year's Monaco Yacht Show, Triton had a strong presence at the prestigious Monaco Yacht Club. The 3300/3 model was on display accompanied by a specially designed bronze squid table in memory of the first giant squid to ever be filmed by Triton."

2016 Triton Submarines LLC at VIP Gala Blue Ocean Film Festival

'Legend' with Triton Luxury Submarines LLC at the 2016 VIP Gala.

"Triton Submarines LLC brought our edition of Kirk's 'Legend' table to yet another amazing event! The Blue Ocean Film Festival & Conservation Summit. As well a Premiere of Leonardo DiCaprio's 'Before The Flood', at the Palladium Theater." 

Jim Harris
Pilot Triton Submarines LLC   
Brooke Mackay

London Land Developer
purchased a table edition of 'Cephalopod'

"Fantastic item, very friendly seller, who kept me informed throughout the build process. Would definitely use again for another project in the future."

Brooke Mackay
London Land Developer
Collector Sabine Buske & Family, North Sea Island home off the coast of Germany.

"Dear Kirk, some minutes ago, the sea dragon and octopus table arrived in my home (see the attached picture). Thanks a lot, it is wonderful. I love it!!! It will get a place in the middle of the new house and we will love it for years."

As I promised I sent you some photos about the new home of your treasures. The house stands (as I told you) on the small island Amrum in Friesland with a varied past with seafaring and whale hunting in the arctic sea. We built the house as an ancient model, but the old houses (there are lots of them on the island) are lower with small windows (I send you a picture of an old house, too). The house will be painted white next spring…

The octopus table arrived well this morning. Really marvelous!!!!!!!!!!!!!
New home of your two wonderful works of art; it is on an island in the north sea in a rough area and the sea is nearby.

Thanks a lot!

Have a good time, stay healthy and best regards..

Sabine Buske & Family

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Metal Arts Guild San Francisco
Kelly Nedderman President

That piece is really beautiful!

Kirk's sculpture of a leafy sea dragon; 'Leafy' was requested by the Guild President. It is featured in their 2018 brochure.

Kelly Nedderman President

Patrick Rutten

SW Regional Supervisor at NOAA Restoration Center
  California - Polytechnic State University - San Luis Obispo
San Francisco Bay Area - 2018

Patrick Rutten

"Well done. Not many artists do marine inverts well!! Kirk - I admire good art and there is a rare subset of artists doing marine invertebrates well. BTW - octopus are one of my favorite animals!"

Patrick Rutten

South Western Regional Supervisor at NOAA
Google Executive

Purchase of a 'Leafy' bronze from our Etsy store account.

Susan Shannon

"Beautiful piece. Fast shipping. Great Communication."

Susan Shannon

"Kirk McGuire creates museum-quality art sculptures and sculpture tables. First, he sculpts the originals, molds them, and pours waxes from each mold. After the wax work, he delivers them to a foundry in Monterey where they cast each piece. Once he picks it up and finishes the process, your art piece is ready to wow! Often inspired by the ocean, his pieces are ideal for luxe, modern and beach-themed interiors, but merge well in any environment. Check out his Etsy shop and his website for more information."
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