Maserati Design Speech | Kirk McGuire Bronze Sculpture

Kirk McGuire Bronze Sculpture was invited to give Maserati dealers a design speech

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Kirk McGuire Bronze Sculpture 

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2015 Maserati invited Kirk to give an 'Inspiration & Design Speech'. 'Guarding Atlantis' was requested by Maserati as an example of classic elegance in sculpture and design. 

“Hi Kirk,
 My name is Jena and I am reaching out on behalf of Maserati and the Transcend Creative Group. My team and I will be in the San Francisco area doing training for new Maserati Vehicles and we are looking for an artist who is willing to bring in a few pieces to talk about his/her art.  We understand that this is last minute, but if you have any availability during the afternoon that day we would love to have you! I look forward to hearing from you!”

Jena, on behalf of Maserati 
& Transcend Creative Group

Kirk was both privileged and honored to receive an invitation from Maserati to deliver an 'Inspiration and Design' speech, given at the Craneway Pavilion about luxury cars and art. Kirk spoke to Maserati about how luxury cars are very often considered art, and the inspiration and influence Italian art has had in his sculpture aesthetics and design. As one of the privileges of this invitation, Kirk was invited to drive a 2016 'New Generation' Maserati Ghibli. Kirk wishes to give a huge thank you to Maserati as well as Jena Rickard, Terrence Mr. 'T', Adam the race driver, and the Transcend Creative Group Team.

Thanks, guys!  Kirk McGuire
'Guarding Atlantis'
(Details eels)
Sculpture dimensions: 44" H x 21" W x 11" D
Edition of 20 / 2013 Mirror eels face to face standing watch.
Kirk McGuire Bronze Sculpture - Tiburon, CA 94920
2015 Kirk was privileged and honored to receive an invitation from Maserati to give an 'Inspiration & Design' speech about luxury and art. 'Guarding Atlantis' was include.  Kirk was invited by Maserati to drive a 2016 'New Generation' Maserati Ghibli!
Maserati 'Guarding Atlantis' photo shoot - all rights reserved.
 As one of the privileges of this invitation I was allowed to drive a 2016 'New Generation' Maserati Ghibli
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