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2011 Sephora & Firmenich invited Kirk McGuire's 'Cephalopod' to be part of their show. In the 'Meatpacking District' Manhattan, NY.
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'Legend' Giant squid sculpture by Kirk McGuire. Featured in  GQ Magazine (British) Decoration Innovation section.
2014 'Legend' Giant squid sculpture by Kirk McGuire. Featured in  GQ Magazine (British) Decoration Innovation section.
Kirk McGuire Bronze Sculpture
Kirk McGuire Bronze Sculpture - Tiburon, CA 94920
2011 Featured in NY show:
Sephora Sensorium Show 
'Meatpacking District' Manhattan, NY.
2014 Featured 'Cephalopod' in book: 'Eight Arms of Inspiration' Author Jinxi Caddel
2014 'Cephalopod' in Jinxi Caddels new book on Cephalopods and art.
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2015 Featured on seven pages in: Tied in a Bow Magazine 'Luxury meets fashion'
2015 Tied In A Bow, LLC, desires to bring "Luxury to Life" for everyone! We do this by bringing high end artists, fashion designers, haute cuisine and venues to our International Lifestyle magazine.
2015 'Guarding Atlantis' featured with 'Legend' in Tied in a Bow Magazine.
2015 'Barbados' has this beautiful double page spread in Tied in a Bow Luxury Magazine.
1995 Featured in: 
Singapore Tatler Magazine   Loe Van Gallery Kirk McGuire's past sold out line was featured several times, in the SingaporeTatler Magazine.
Singapore Tatler Magazine from 1995 featuring a few of Kirk's past line of sold out sculptures.
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2016 'Legend' featured with Jim Harris, a pilot of Triton Submarines LLC. Jim piloted the sub that located the first Giant Squid in History caught on film. After viewing Kirk's 'Legend' giant squid table, Triton purchased number one in the edition of 20.
2016 Triton personal luxury submarines are now collectors of Kirk's work. Pictured is Tritons 3300/3 submersible, and is the same type Jim Harris piloted to find and film the worlds first giant squid in History. Shown on the Discovery Channel show 'Curiosity'.
2015 Phtotography of 'Guarding Atlantis' sculpture with Maserati. 'Inspiration & Design speech requested from Kirk McGuire by Maserati.
2015 Kirk McGuire speaking about sculpture, inspiration and design to Maserati dealers!
<img src="http://Californina_Diver_n.jpg" alt="Kirk McGuire Bronze Sculpture">
<img src="http://Californina_Diver_n.jpg" alt="Kirk McGuire Bronze Sculpture">
<img src="http://Californina_Diver_n.jpg" alt="Kirk McGuire Bronze Sculpture">
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2016 'Legend' was included with Triton Submarines LLC in the 2016 Monaco Yacht show. Triton recently purchase an edition of 'Legend'.
2016 Kirk McGuire Bronze Sculpture's 'Legend' table was included on display in Monaco Yacht Shows 'Secret Garden' area.
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From The Artist  

"I have always been obsessed with our Oceans and the variety of amazing wildlife. It is my inspiration! I’am fascinated in particular by the unusual and unique species. I am also inspired by the bronze age of man. I sculpt in a way that shows an emphasis on balance, harmony, movement and rhythm giving my creations a 'organic' feeling. Every living thing has beauty and I try to show this. Please respect our planet, respect mother earth."


Born an artist with a lifelong curiosity for nature. His signature trait of capturing movement and detail is from his intense love of each species. Each sculpture is made of 'hot cast' bronze, using the ancient 'lost wax' casting method. Making heavy stationary object's appear 'light as air' is another of his stand out traits. In 1984 Kirk began a nine year apprenticeship at the Monterey Sculpture Center. Perfected his bronze technique from experience and creation. Kirk McGuire is a master sculptor. The elegance of his bronze work is prominent in all his creations, each a true piece of fine art in a limited edition. In his 36 plus year sculpting career, more than 1,500 unique bronze sculptures, have been collected and displayed around the world. Sold Internationally to high-end art galleries, collectors, featured in magazines and on television, and he’s been commissioned by the Malaysian Princess of Johor Bahru. More recently Kirk's 'Legend' table was the centerpiece with Triton Submarines during the 2016 Explorers Club, 112th Annual Dinner at the Waldorf Astoria in New York. Triton Submarines LLC has become one of his latest collectors. Triton filmed a giant squid from a Triton sub for the first time in History which was the Discovery Channel feature 'Curiosity'. Kirk's giant squid table 'Legend' was featured with Triton during Blue Ocean Film Festivals VIP Gala 2016 and during a Premiere of 'Before The Flood'. After some travel around the world, Kirk has now settled in stunning Tiburon, CA. where he is creating a completely new collection of bronze sculpture and functional bronze tables. All of his work is created in limited editions, or as one-of-a-kind commissions. While Kirk’s work has been sold almost exclusively through galleries in the past, he’s now offering his work directly to his collectors from this website,, or various other online venues abroad. Kirk continues to sell his existing line, or do commission work around the world.

Art Society Inductions

American Society of Marine Artist, Smithfield, VA
The National Sculpture Society, New York
The Society of Animal Artist, CO
National Museum of Wildlife Art, Jackson Hole, WY
Metal Arts Guild of San Francisco
Ocean Artist Society, Irvine, CA

Locations Kirk McGuire Bronze Sculptures have been shown or sold

Carmel, CA., Aspen, CO., Boca Raton, FL., Sonoma, CA., Monterey, CA., Captiva Islands, FL. Pacific Grove, CA., Sanibel, Islands, FL., Melbourne, Australia., Le Selva Beach, CA., Santa Cruz, CA., Key West, FL., Soquel, CA., Boston, MA., Las Vegas, NV., Caesars Tahoe, NV., Capitola, CA., Maui, HI., Kauai, HI., Cambria, CA., St. John Virgin Islands, San Diego, CA., Turks and Caicos Islands, Palm Desert, CA., St George Parish, Bermuda, Sausalito, CA., Shaw Centre, Singapore, Manhattan, NY., San Francisco, CA., Paris, France, County Clare, Ireland, Hong Kong, Milan, Florence, Italy, Germany, S. Korea, Juneau Alaska, Higher Penhalt Farm - North Cornwall, England, United Kingdom, Queensland, Australia,112th Explorers Club Annual Dinner - Waldorf Astoria, New York, 2016 Monaco Yacht Show, 2016 Blue Ocean Film Festival & Conservation Summit, Palladium Theater, 'Before The Flood' Premiere, Germany, Japan, Rome, Tiburon