Blue Ocean Film | Kirk McGuire Bronze Sculpture

triton Subs with my giant squid table during the Blue Ocean Film astival, Kirk McGuire Bronze Sculpture

2016 Triton Submarines LLC at VIP Gala Blue Ocean Film Festival

Triton Submarines LLC brought their edition of Kirk's 'Legend' table to yet another amazing event! The Blue Ocean Film Festival & Conservation Summit. As well a Premiere of Leonardo DiCaprio's 'Before The Flood', at the Palladium Theater. Triton,  have become one of Kirk's biggest supporters,  Kirk considers their work exploring the ocean to be extremely important to learn  more about our oceans and the life within them. 

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Kirk McGuire Bronze Sculpture 

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Dr. Steve O'Shea about 
Kirk McGuire Sculptures: 

"You take bronze to a new dimension; your work
 is truly sensational!"

Dr. Steve O'Shea, an authority on giant squid and octopus, is known for his research on giant squid. 

Dr. Steve O'Shea website 

Scott Cassell about 
Kirk McGuire Sculptures:  

"You are a gifted artist with a eye for reality and proper morphology!"

Scott Cassell is an American explorer,  underwater filmmaker.

 Under Sea Voyager Project

Jim Harris about Kirk McGuire Sculptures and 'Legend' table:

"I love your sculptures! Especially the Giant Squid! I am the pilot who drove the Triton submersible for Dr. Kubodera and Magic Man Sugita on our dive where we filmed the Giant Squid off Chi Chi Jima, Japan. I also had the pleasure to pilot dives on that trip for Dr. Steve O'Shea and Dr. Edie Widder.  It was a good trip. When I saw your sculpture of the Giant Squid I said "that guy has got it!" am I gonna add one to my G-Squid collection? Keep up the good work."

Jim Harris piloted the Triton Submarine that filmed the worlds first Giant Squid alive in the deep sea at 3,000'.

Triton Submarines LLC 

Kirk McGuire Bronze Sculpture - Tiburon, CA 94920 
Collector - Triton Submarines LLC about this piece.

"Triton Submarines is now the proud owner of a "Legend" table by Kirk McGuire Bronze Sculpture. This magnificent sculpture really captures the beauty of one of nature's most elusive creatures."

Triton Submarines filmed a giant squid for the first time in our History. Featured on the Discovery Channel Documentary 'Curiosity'. 

Triton Submarines LLC 
Triton Submarines LLC all rights reserved.
Blue Ocean Film Festival & Conservation Summit.