Kirk McGuire Bronze Sculpture 

   Kirk McGuire Bronze Sculpture - Tiburon, CA 94920

Bronze sperm whale sculpture

Newly created bronze sperm whale

<img src="http://sperm whale_bronze_sculpture/bronze_whale_sculpture_n.jpg" alt="Bronze whale”>
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 'Navigator' various views.
'Navigator' Head close up.
'Navigator' $2,145.00

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Bronze giant squid sculpture dimensions: 

4" H X 4" W X 13.3" D 

Ships worldwide from TIBURON. 

Limited edition bronze of 30 - Year released - 2014 

Kirk McGuire's creations can all be enlarged for monumental installations.

One of the most gentle-looking of the whales, in my opinion, a quiet 'navigator' searching the deepest depths ready for the 'epic' battles with the giant squid before eating them!

Price: $2,145.00 Free Shipping USA!