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Kirk McGuire Bronze Sculpture - Tiburon, CA 94920


by Kirk McGuire on 10/22/15



'Legend' at the 2015  Ft. Lauderdale Boat Show featured with Triton Submarine LLC. Triton graciously hosted this show booth along with 'Legend' and a scale model of Tritons 3300/3 man sub that was used to locate and film the worlds first giant squid. As seen on the Discovery Channel. Jim Harris piloted the Triton Sub, which found and filmed a giant squid for the very first time in History. Jim also wrote me on my website. This is what he said about my giant squid sculpture:

"I love your sculptures! Especially the Giant Squid! I am the pilot who drove the Triton submersible for Dr. Kubodera and Magic Man Sugita on our dive where we filmed the Giant Squid off Chi Chi Jima, Japan. I also had the pleasure to pilot dives on that trip for Dr. Steve O'Shea and Dr. Edie Widder.  It was a good trip. When I saw your sculpture of the Giant Squid I said "that guy has got it!" am I gonna add one to my G-Squid collection? Keep up the good work."

Triton Pilot,

 Jim Harris

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