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Welcome to Kirk McGuire Bronze Sculpture Kirk is based in San Francisco, CA. Here you will find bronze sculptures, tables for sale of: octopus, giant squid,sea horses, eels, coffee tables, dining tables, indoor outdoor furniture, home decor, all designed by Master sculptor and artist: Kirk McGuire Bronze Sculpture.View our galleries: 'Bronze sculpture' 'Bronze tables' here you will see amazing one of a kind creations of bronze wild life, marine life sculpture and tables. Please go to our contact page to: call or email us for a compete price list or information about commissioning sculptures, tables, monuments for your home or business.
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Kirk McGuire Bronze Sculpture
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Kirk McGuire Bronze Sculpture Studio - 1 Rankin Street - San Francisco, CA. 94124
Contact us for our complete price list, or if you have any sculpture inquiries.

'Cephaopod' bronze octopus coffee table by Kirk McGuire
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